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community is one with many advantages. Beautiful river settings, parks and recreational trails, homes rich in heritage, and folks like you that care and wish to get involved.
Text Box: Overton Park is located five miles southwest of downtown Fort Worth along the Trinity River.
Originally part of the L.G. Edwards' ranch, founded in 1846, Overton Park and many of its adjoining neighborhoods were named after his son, Cass Overton Edwards, who was born on the ranch in 1851. Cass Overton Edwards later drove a portion of his cattle holdings to Tahoka, near Lubbock, Texas, but still maintained his land holdings in Fort Worth.
In 1913, the Edwards family sold some of their land to the City of Fort Worth for Trinity Park, but still held extensive amounts of land southwest of downtown. The Edwards family formed the Cassco Land Company, and in 1954 began developing their land. Most of the homes in Overton Park were built between 1955 and 1968.
The Edwards family still owns part of the undeveloped land in and around Overton Park NA and still have their home in their ranch house off of Hulen. An area that was designated as the Edwards Ranch School site is now where Tanglewood Elementary School is located.
The hills within Overton Park were part of a working cattle ranch until 1954, and overgrown lawns in the area show stalks of KR and Silver Bluestem grasses over the St. Augustine.

Voluntary yearly membership dues are $30 per Household, $50 Patron Level, $100 Presidential Level or $500 Lifetime Membership.

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Text Box: The purpose of the Overton Park Neighborhood Association is to provide an organized framework to promote, preserve, and enhance the quality of life and values in the Overton Park neighborhood. 

The Associationís goals are: 
     1. To protect and promote the best interest of the residents of the area. 
     2. To promote and strive for the improvement and betterment of our parklands and city services. 
     3. To promote and encourage a better community and civic spirit and to foster good will and 
          friendship between and among all the residents. 
     4. To communicate in a unified manner with county, city and corporate officials regarding the general 
         welfare and interests of Overton Park residents.




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For 2022-2023, we continue to invite all OPNA Neighbors to consider donating directly to

Overton Park Elementary School, via the PTA, in support of the School, Children, Teachers & Parents.


(To Donate to the Overton Park Elementary PTA,† select the link below)


Donate Today! | Overton Park (overtonparkpta.org)